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1st Generation Family-Owned Business

We are Liberty Goats & Poultry!

We moved from Central New Jersey to Northern New Jersey (Great Meadows) in 2001.  Not knowing anything about country living we began our journey into the farm life about a year after our move. Our very first farm animal was a donkey named Jake.  A donkey then turned into owning goats, pigs, alpacas, sheep, horses and poultry.  Over the years our passion to raise farm animals continued and for our kids as well. Now we can't imagine life without them! 


Here at Liberty Goats & Poultry we raise various breeds of goats and poultry.


Our main breed of goats are Boers, one of the most common meat breeds. They are known for their docile personalities and rapid growth rate. Some goats can weigh as much as 300 lbs when full grown! We also have mixed breeds including Nigerian Dwarf and Toggenburg, both dairy breeds.


Our selection of poultry includes chicken (Barred Rock, Orpington, Giants, Australorp, etc.), peacock, turkey, pigeon (king and homer) and more!


There is always something new on the farm and we encourage you to come back to our website for weekly updates.


Check out our "Available" pages!

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